Grave Accessories

Grave Accessories

We have a complete range of grave ornaments, plaques, hearts, vases and granite books, which can be inscribed with your personal message or image, whether as a marker for a grave or to mark a special occasion.

All our accessories come in a range of sizes and colours and have a variety of features. Like all our memorials, our accessories are made from the finest granite and marble, ensuring quality, reliability and durability.

We offer clients the chance to design their own accessory or we can design a custom version based on your specifications and requirements, giving you a more personal remembrance symbol.

Memorial Plaques

Our memorial plaques are highly durable and are available in a range of sizes and styles. They can also be designed to incorporate specific designs and requirements. Our plaques are often used to show a memorial verse or with an image representing or commemorating the lost loved one.

If you have a specific image or inscription you require we can gladly create a design of how this would look on your choice of granite.

Memorial Hearts

We offer a range of beautifully crafted heart shaped memorials, which is a very stylish and tasteful way of remembering a loved one.

Memorial Vases

Vases are becoming more and more popular with grieving relatives and friends wanting a simple yet tasteful way of celebrating their loved one’s life. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, our memorial vases are designed to suit a variety of requirements and locations.

Granite Books

We provide clients with the choice of having a decorative and elegant book memorial. If you have seen a book memorial that you think would be suitable but isn’t in our selection, let us know and we will recreate it tailored to your unique requirements.

Our Full Range of Grave Accessories