Headstone & Grave Restoration

Headstone Cleaning & Restoration

We can carry out restoration and cleaning work for any headstone no matter how old and renew them to their original condition including the surrounds and accessories.

We appreciate that memorials and headstones can deteriorate over time and suffer from general wear and tear. Natural causes will take its toll on your gravestone and it may start loosing some of its features. We can ensure that your loved ones headstones and gravestones are restored to its former beauty.

Our skilled craftsmen can provide full cleaning and restoration across Tyrone, Fermanagh and further afield. We recommend that we visit the cemetery to inspect your headstone. From this we can prepare a report with our recommendations and provide you with a quotation. Below are the differing services that we can offer.

  • Full Cleaning
  • Existing inscription repainting
  • Kerbing replacement
  • New chippings and additional inscriptions

Our renovation and repair service will restore your Headstone to its original condition. Call us if you have any questions or want a chat with our expert team who will go through our grave restoration process.